The Dangers of Saving the Best For Last

Just DanceI was hungry. It was 11:00 am and I had not had breakfast. I had been up since 6:00, read a little, had some coffee, and ridden my bike to an 8:00 o’clock pilates class followed by a 9:30 yoga class and a ½ hour bike ride back home. I was energized yet weary and definitely hungry.

As I pedaled home, I went through the short list of breakfast options in my kitchen. I could have eggs – again; or, I could have an apple with peanut butter or …. well, that was basically my list. I settled on the apple with peanut butter. Continue Reading...

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The Best Advice You Will Ever Get

I am often asked how I see or hear my higher levels. Others want to know what it looks like or feels like because we are conditioned to see our future as an extension of our past and present. If we can just get a feel for it, we can imagine it; and, if we can imagine it, we can see it as a possibility.

For me, the first step in opening to my higher self was giving permission – handing over the reins in somewhat of a 12 step meets Transformers program where I gave up the illusion of control and accepted there is more to me than meets the eye. Continue Reading...

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The Key To Stardom

Keely & Cooper smallerWhen a human performs in way that attracts others to surround and follow, we call them a star.

Competing and winning is one way to be a star. This way can be exhilarating and it can be fleeting.

Entertaining is another way to be a star. When humans are entertained, they feel good. They are attracted to these feelings and seek to prolong them by following their star.

Physical beauty is an avenue to stardom. Physically beautiful people are attractive. Humans like to look at and associate with beautiful people. Continue Reading...

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What Does “It’s Your Movie” Really Mean?

It's Your Movie coverIt was just a few days after my husband’s passing and my beautiful little granddaughter was with me, sitting quietly, providing comfort in my grief. The day after he passed, this little angel had quietly told me “poppa wants you to know he is in a happy place and if you have questions you can ask them through me.”

I had seen him myself and knew he was happy and free from the pain he suffered at the end but I hadn’t spoken with him – I couldn’t somehow.

“What’s poppa doing now sweetheart?” I asked. Continue Reading...

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Call me Anthony – Why? Is it significant?

Its Your Movie - coverI wanted to channel for a few reasons. I was intrigued when I watched others and wanted to experience it myself. Mostly, I wanted access to knowledge that I couldn’t find in books or on-line. I wanted access to information from beyond the realm of the fear and confinement I saw on earth.

I didn’t want to be taught, I wanted to discover.

Sanaya and Duane’s process, the one I followed to open my channel, guided me to search for the highest-level guide I could connect with – the one that felt the best. As I followed the process, I was introduced to a series of “guides.” Continue Reading...

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